Selected Sound

(Roland Kovac, 1970)

A super rare one and one of the most sought after library albums from the hamburg based Selected Sound label. Mastermind Roland Kovac is responsible for this jazz rockin' smasher. Just piano, bass & drums.

Selected Sound 9031 - Phasing Drums & Electronic Sounds
(Joe Ufer / Gerhard Trede, 1973)

Another sought after library from Selected Sound's 9000 series which usually reaches high prices over 100US dollars on eBay. Gerhard Trede and Joe Ufer share the compositions on this LP. Trede is known for his early psych electronic sounds, Joe Ufer presents pure - phased out - solo drums, with lots of nice breaks! Enjoy...


  1. simply outstanding i cant thank you enough for the seleceted sounds.i dont suppose you happen to have the de wolfe lp "hair of the dog" many thx in advance!!!

  2. Roland Kovac...great album

  3. BEHOLD! You have activated my DROOL MATRIX.

  4. some real bangers being posted here. thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful stuff.

  6. Ever since heard Dancing Neutron on a Selected Sound Gems comp always been curious about that lp, greatly appreciated.

  7. Hello.
    Is there a chance you could please repost both of these LPs? The Rapidshare links are dead. I wish I saw this blog sooner so I could have grabbed them. Most of the time when I ask for reposts, I don't get a reply because the blog isn't maintained anymore. Still, no harm in asking. Would love to check out these great 70s Jazz records. Many thanks in advance.