Studio One

In my opinion one of the best releases on the Studio One label - a real funky nugget! Composers include Sonoton founder Gerhard Narholz, Helmuth Brandenburg, Sammy Burdson among others. Don't miss it!


Peer International Library (2)

No need to introduce those Peer libraries posted here, as most of you have already been looking for them for... i would say quite a time! Peer International libraries don't show up too often and if you find them, you should be willing to spend a few bucks... Well, here you have four really cool ones: funky, jazzy, bigband stuff with a few killer tracks that have already been comped. Enjoy!


I've just added the front and back cover scans to one of my first posts - the two Europhon libraries ELP 542 & ELP 556, who are definitely worth a listen... Although you might have never heard a composer like Ulrich Sommerlatte before (what a name btw!) Well, have u?


Golden Ring Records

Golden Ring A 30 026 - Get Across
(Jürgen Franke, 1975)

This one is a real groover! Guitarist Jürgen Franke is well known for his funky work for the Frankfurt based Golden Ring label. On this LP you find the smasher 'Back Talk' which some of you might know from the 'German Funk Fieber Vol. 2' compilation. All in all, no real bad tunes, cool jazz funk. Enjoy!

This LP contains lot of easy latin filled groovy jazz. Siegfried Schwab - the man who is responsible for the famous 'Vampyros Lesbos' soundtrack- is among the players and composers on this album.


Altaxon libraries - The Kenny Bird Orchestra / Lado's Latin Combination Vol. 1-4 are now available! Scroll down a bit!


April Music - April Orchestra

April Music APR 38 - April Orchestra Vol. 38
(Various Artists, 1981)

An interesting release from the obscure french library 'April Music', better known as April Orchestra. This release includes some to me - completey unknown - french composers, like Guy Bonnet or Roland Romanelli. Non of those April Music libraries contain album or title descriptions, which makes it quite difficult to have an idea of the music style. Sometimes the styles are completey mixed, this LP here features some nice electronics, pop, orchestral dramatics and atmospheric grooves. I like it!


Hudson Music

Hudson Music HMCS 524 - Dawn Of Man
(Paul Lewis, 1980)

A nice dramatic orchestral piece of soundtrack. No drums, no synthesizers - just atmospheric soundscapes - horns, strings, vibes, harps, flutes... Paul Lewis also composed for the Studio G library.


Shady Blues...

(Lee Mason, 1971)

If you ever asked yourself, where the famous drums, bass & flute sample from Lootpack's song "Answers" was taken from, here is the answer... The song is called "Shady Blues" and is obviously the main reason, people are willing to pay more than 200 US Dollars for this album. No doubt, this is a nice groovy LP, but decide yourself, how much this is worth.
The british arranger and composer Pete Moore is the man behind the pseudonym 'Lee Mason'.


Thanks for all your nice comments, that keeps me busy ripping vinyls...


Altaxon Library

These four albums, released on the small German library label Altaxon must have been recorded between the mid to end 70ies, no year is indicated, so we can't say for sure.
All four volumes are quite similar in style and sound: The a-sides (Kenny Bird Orchestra) usually feature some funky stuff, the b-sides (Lado's Latin Combination) vary styles between disco, orchestral, easy listening, latin, jazz and some funky moments as well. The man who is the mastermind behind these recordings and most probably the founder of the label as well is the German jazz legend Fritz Maldener.

Altaxon AL 1010 - The Kenny Bird Orchestra / Lado's Latin Combination Vol. 1

A real unknown Library Gem...

BTW 102 - Impulse
(Various Artists, 1976)

A funky jazz diamond, most of you might not have heard from... Composers include Brian Miller and Frank Ricotti (well known for his work for Themes International). Not much is known about this obscure library label, but one thing is for sure, that this here is a great album, no fillers!
Check it out and let me know what you think...


From the JW emporium: Geoff Bastow...

(Geoff Bastow, 1977)

Smooth, laid back jazz funk & disco grooves from Mr. Geoff Bastow! For the 1st time in 320kbit in perfect quality! Enjoy!

Programme Music PM 11 - Music To Varnish Owls By
(Goeff Bastow, 1975)

You might have found this one in the internet, but not in that perfect quality you get here. The album is really worth it and in my opinion one of the best jazz funk albums from Geoff Bastow and also one of the best Programme Music libraries...

Selected Sound

(Roland Kovac, 1970)

A super rare one and one of the most sought after library albums from the hamburg based Selected Sound label. Mastermind Roland Kovac is responsible for this jazz rockin' smasher. Just piano, bass & drums.

Selected Sound 9031 - Phasing Drums & Electronic Sounds
(Joe Ufer / Gerhard Trede, 1973)

Another sought after library from Selected Sound's 9000 series which usually reaches high prices over 100US dollars on eBay. Gerhard Trede and Joe Ufer share the compositions on this LP. Trede is known for his early psych electronic sounds, Joe Ufer presents pure - phased out - solo drums, with lots of nice breaks! Enjoy...


All files refreshed...

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Some of my next posts:

Chappell LPC 1045 -
Lee Mason And His Orchestra (1971)

Conroy BMLP 132 -
Sounds Funky / Pop Brass Backgrounds (1975)

Peer International Library PIL 9014 -
Zenith (Peter Dennis Orchestra, 1972)

Impress IA 418 -
Flying Flutes (John G. Tyssen, 1978)

Golden Ring Records S 5181-22 -
Sound Music Album 18 (Klaus Weiss, 1979)

Coloursound CS 74 -
Video Games & Data Movements (Vandroogenbroeck, 1987)

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Impress [Inter Art Music Publishers]

Impress IA 409 - Prime Cuts
(Toni Campo, 1976)



Colorit Library

Colorit 048 41076- Wonderland Of Sound
(The Rainbow Orchestra, 1974)

"Wonderland of Sound" is another internationally highly sought after library gem, that comes from the great archive of Brillant Musik. Like most of their library productions, this Funk smasher was produced by Brillant Musik's founder Werner Tautz. The song "La Avispa", compiled on the "German Funk Fieber Vol. 1" compilation, originates from this album.

Colorit 048-41077 - Here's A Train
(Orchester Helmuth Brandenburg, 1974)


Peer International Library

Peer International Library PIL 9023 - Reggae For Real
(The Ian Langley Group, 1974)

One of the most sought after albums on the Peer International label, featuring a strange mixture between reggae and early electronics as well as some funky highlights like the well known and often comped "Chicano Chaser".

Peer International Library PIL 9028 - Scoop
(The Music Factory, 1975)

No need to say much about this record, composers include John Fiddy, Terry Cox, Brian Dee and Clive Hicks. Much sought after, contains lots of breaks for the beat-heads and reaches prices I wouldn't wanna pay...

Peer International Library PIL 9038 - Hangover
(Wolfgang Schlüter Combo, 1977)

Classic European Jazz Fusion led by German's vibraphon virtuoso Wolfgang Schlüter. This is a very uncommon library record, which could have also been a regular release on the MPS jazz label...

Peer International Library PIL 9039 - Lost Star
(Anthony King, 1978)

A terrestrial journey through sounds with lots of synthesizers, some funky moments and spaced out disco grooves. One track of this record is to be found on the 'Dusty Fingers' compilation.

Europhon Library

Two funky 70ies gems from the munich based Europhon library label:
(Orchester Etienne Cap / Karel Krautgartner Big Band)

Europhon ELP 542
(Ulrich Sommerlatte Orchestra)

Quadriga Library

Quadriga is the sought after library label founded by Heinz Kiessling in the early '70ies. There are only 3 releases on this label (Q1, Q2, Q3), played by the orchestras of Pete Jaques and Heinz Kiessling. One would be lucky to find those records on websites like eBay for a payable price!

Quadriga - Q1
(Orchester Heinz Kiessling / Orchester Pete Jaques)

Quadriga - Q2
(Orchester Pete Jaques)

Quadriga - Q3
(Orchester Pete Jaques)