From the JW emporium: Geoff Bastow...

(Geoff Bastow, 1977)

Smooth, laid back jazz funk & disco grooves from Mr. Geoff Bastow! For the 1st time in 320kbit in perfect quality! Enjoy!

Programme Music PM 11 - Music To Varnish Owls By
(Goeff Bastow, 1975)

You might have found this one in the internet, but not in that perfect quality you get here. The album is really worth it and in my opinion one of the best jazz funk albums from Geoff Bastow and also one of the best Programme Music libraries...


  1. tnx a lot for these, you made my day :)

  2. thanks for having improved the bitrate, and for sharing the 2nd Bastow.

    we're now waiting for the next step : leaving rapidshare.

    C ya

  3. Whose we? Personally, I have no problem with rapidshare, spend a few dollars and get a premium account, well worth it.

    Keep up the great work, great sounding rips too by the way!

  4. Lighter lighter, more fire more fire!!!!

  5. OMG!! HAHA i was just getting into Geoff Bastow. I never new you had this one posted. jamming along with some of his tracks with my guitar!

    thanks again paul!

  6. No words enough to say....thanks

  7. I gotta agree with janus2810, besides this blog most others use rapidshare and its well worth it. Especially with Blogs like this one here. The guys yaste is impeccable, Keep it up bro!! Thanks

  8. Really like the "Music To Varnish Owls By".

    Stay with RapidShare, please!!!

  9. I'am glad that the album "Flavour of the month - Geoff Bastow" is part of my collection, it's great throughout with many outstanding tracks!

  10. Geoff and Trevor Bastow were my older brothers. Geoff died in 2007 and Trevor died in 2000, tragically only in their fifties. It's nice to see that their music is still being appreciated.

    Phil B

    1. Really, really sorry to hear that. I knew them when I was a child (my Dad played bass on Music to Varnish Owls By). I remember them both as lovely, generous people who used to drop by when we lived in Streatham...