Media Music The Professional MMSE-1 - Number 22 - Multi Images (ROGER WEBB)

Media Music The Professional MMSE-1 - Number 22 - Multi Images (ROGER WEBB)
Here we do have a real diamond among the American Media Music library series. This album here is the same album as the first release of the Media Music Special Edition with the name Today's Deluxe Sound! The recording is from 1977 and it shows Roger Webb from his best side: Mad synth driven funkateers, fat drums, dramatic themes and solid jazz groovers! One of the best from Roger Webb. Check the soundclip! Get the album here!



17 (LP) / 18 (CD) Spaced Out Disco & Funkified Electronic Themes from various libraries from 1973 to 1983 - never before (officially) released!

The album is now available on CD, LP and digital download! Like usual, the booklet includes all the original cover artwork and descriptions The vinyl has a limited edition with beautiful BLUE VINYL!!! Grab it here:

Side B:



I've just refreshed and updated my Blog: LIBRARY LPs FOR SALE
Have a look at listen! Some new funky library nuggets are waiting for you...
In my blog i've used a new label called 'Drum Breaks' so that you can easily spot the albums with open drum breaks!


Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 3 - Roaring Rare Grooves, Action & Detective Breaks 1972-1983

V/A: Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 3
Roaring Rare Grooves, Action & Detective Breaks 1972-1983
(show up records, 2011)

Oops, I did it again… Here we are with ‘Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 3’! In 2008 I started the series with big funk scores from the British Themes International Music Library repertoire only. The follower featured various British music libraries such as KPM, Music De Wolfe, Bruton or Josef Weinberger. On Volume 3 the focus turned to a more global view on library music and presents 20 (vinyl: 18) previously unreleased pearls originating from Germany, France, UK and the USA. Available on CD + LP

The library gems from this album originate from the following library labels: Conroy, Golden Ring Records, Hudson Music, KPM Music, Music De Wolfe, Omnimusic, Patchwork, Peer International Library, Robert Hall Productions, Selected Sound, Studio One and UBM Record.

Both CD and LP include infos on all original library albums these songs were taken from plus the original cover artworks. 
For lowest price buy the LP here, the CD here

Soundclip A:

Soundclip B:


Cosmic Future Groove Vol. 1 - IS OUT NOW !!!

V/A: Cosmic Future Groove Vol. 1 - Spaced Out Disco & Funkified Electronic Themes 1975-1987 (CD/LP)
- 16 Unreleased Library Gems -

condition: brandnew (still sealed)

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Here is my new blog - Library LPs for sale only, each album provided with high quality soundclip:
I will post more than 100 library LP's in the next few weeks. In general you will have the opportunity to buy the LP's on the blog site first, after a while I will also sell them on ebay and discogs.  I have almost the complete Selected Sound 9000series and the complete Coloursound catalogue. Feel free to contact me and make offers!


Your Choice Please!

So, now your opinion is wanted! Let's face it: Hundreds of people are downloading the vinyl rips that I'm providing for this blog. And, I really don't know what you're after... a few comments are left but are you just downloading the stuff looking for samples, completing your mp3 library stuff? Are you buying vinyl? Just the old - undiscovered stuff or also new compilations? Whatever! Here is what I want from you: There'll be a early 80ies electronic library compilation to be released very soon! The tracklisting is almost done. One or two songs of the following soundfiles will be included. What do you think? Which one is your favourite? Please vote, leave a comment or whatever... Thank you!

Soundfile 1:

Soundfile 2:

Soundfile 3:

Soundfile 4:

And, the soundfiles are not originating from the cover that is shown above - that's just an eye-catcher!


More Coloursounds plus more Klaus Weiss...

Coloursound CS 18 - Open Space Motion - Underscores
(Klaus Weiss, 1981)

In my opinion, this is one of the best library releases of Klaus Weiss. It's different than the stuff he recorded for Selected Sound and Golden Ring and features less drums, but more natural instruments, phat synths and percussion. Overall it has a very special vibe and lots of atmosphere. Enjoy this one!

Coloursound CS 56 - Into The Wind
(Klaus Weiss, 1985)

This one plays not in the same league as the earlier release posted above, but it is definitely worth a listen. Although we're already in the mid 80ies and the typical drum sound of Klaus Weiss has been replaced by drum machines, it has some funky electronic moments and grooves.
Both albums in 320kbit!


Joel Vandroogenbroeck

Coloursound CS 78 - California - Industrial & Scenic Moods
(V.D.B. Joel & Marc Monsen, 1988)

Coloursound CS 79 - AVisions
(V.D.B. Joel, 1988)

Two nice albums from the munich based library label Coloursound. Joel Vandroogenbroeck alias V.D.B. Joel is responsible for some electronic, spacey, cosmic moments and grooves.