Joel Vandroogenbroeck

Coloursound CS 78 - California - Industrial & Scenic Moods
(V.D.B. Joel & Marc Monsen, 1988)

Coloursound CS 79 - AVisions
(V.D.B. Joel, 1988)

Two nice albums from the munich based library label Coloursound. Joel Vandroogenbroeck alias V.D.B. Joel is responsible for some electronic, spacey, cosmic moments and grooves.


Klaus Weiss Super Drumming

Sound Music Album 18
(Klaus Weiss, Golden Ring Records, 1979)

A typical sounding Klaus Weiss library record, similar to the sought after Selected Sound albums 'Time Signals' and 'Sound Inventions'. Lots of fabulous drum breaks, crazy synths, abstract grooves etc. At least two songs from this album have already been compiled. Enjoy this one!