More Coloursounds plus more Klaus Weiss...

Coloursound CS 18 - Open Space Motion - Underscores
(Klaus Weiss, 1981)

In my opinion, this is one of the best library releases of Klaus Weiss. It's different than the stuff he recorded for Selected Sound and Golden Ring and features less drums, but more natural instruments, phat synths and percussion. Overall it has a very special vibe and lots of atmosphere. Enjoy this one!

Coloursound CS 56 - Into The Wind
(Klaus Weiss, 1985)

This one plays not in the same league as the earlier release posted above, but it is definitely worth a listen. Although we're already in the mid 80ies and the typical drum sound of Klaus Weiss has been replaced by drum machines, it has some funky electronic moments and grooves.
Both albums in 320kbit!