Europhon Library

Two funky 70ies gems from the munich based Europhon library label:
(Orchester Etienne Cap / Karel Krautgartner Big Band)

Europhon ELP 542
(Ulrich Sommerlatte Orchestra)


  1. I've never hear something like that before, but I will do my best effort to find something about them. I think you're a good blogger, and we need more initiatives like this one to boost our thoughts about this kind of music, I'm a specialist so, it's be nice if you can add more about it. j2j3

  2. masterkuffi007@aol.comJanuary 22, 2012 at 4:36 AM

    i own about 25 of this series, ask me and i will list it to ebay !
    masterkuffi007@aol.com subjekt ELP RECORDS